Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nov 12: Dos Equis at Placeholder Gallery, Miami

"Dos Equis"/
"The Wall Have Teeth" (performance by Ray Brown)
Place Holder Gallery, Miami

"an invisible man"
University of Miami Art Gallery



"Friends w Benadryl"
@ Placeholder Inaugural Group Show


Banff Centre
"The Real That Serves As Support For Our Symbolic Reality"

"Dead Followers"


"Broken Window, Brick Wall"
(Heat Island at Smack Mellon, Brooklyn)

"Model Proposal for a Monumental Failure (the Future)"
(Public Space One, Iowa City)

Three-Walls, Chicago

The Bermuda Triangle
(Mercer Union, Toronto)

Erin Thurlow 2010 Poster


(xpace, toronto)


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